Boat Cushions and Seats

Cushions for built in seating can make your yacht stand out from the fleet. Proper fit, along with styling and lines are what makes your yacht impressive.

We design the feel, look, and finish of your seating areas. Using layered foams of various densities along with outer layers of plush padding, we can build seating that is comfortable and elegant.

Let our skilled workmen sculpt the vision of the yachts’ designer directly into the seating and cushioning

Boat Headliners and Wall Panels

The headliner in a boat is an often overlooked facet of a yacht’s design that conceals a boat’s lighting, sound system, and electrical work beneath a streamlined fabric and insulation design. It keeps the noise from the engine inside while keeping rain and moisture out.

We cater to the luxury yacht industry by designing and installing high-end headliners and wall paneling, which is precisely fitted with meticulous attention to detail.

Custom Sofa Sets and Curtains.

Whether on long cruises or afternoon jaunts, you’re likely to get exposed to the elements for most of your time away from the dock. Crucial to your comfort is the canvas between you and the sun. This is where our experience with Sunbrella canvas kicks in. The durability and reliability it offers in this harsh weather is certainly very pleasing. Our executives will fabricate according to your needs and requirements with quality and durability being prioritised.

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